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  • 降低成本

    Reduce costs

    Foundation cost can be reduced by more than 70%
    The total construction cost is reduced by more than 50% compared with the traditional steel structure
    Quick response to the market and quick beneficial achievements

  • Recyclable


    Reuse to produce new membrane materials
    It can also separate impurities and produce other ETFE products
    Safety and environmental protection

  • Safety and stability

    Safety and stability

    Safety patented technology,It can withstand 16 typhoons and more than 250kg/m2 snows.
    Meet permanent structure requirements,safer to meet zero accident
    24hours After-Sale Service Hotline,All time assured

  • Fire resistance and heat resistance

    Fire resistance and heat resistance

    If ignite with fire, it would not spread and extinguish itself
    Burn at 715 degrees or more to burn a hole.
    It is smoke-free and non-diffusion, and there is no combustion falling

  • Exquisite technology

    Exquisite technology

    Adopt overlength type seamless welding,achieve standardization, automation, mass production
    Well experienced production and installation team,Serve hundreds of companies,Accumulating numerous projects cases.
    High quality anti-corrosion, from polishing, rust removal - sandblasting primer - intermediate paint - topcoat and every process should be strictly controlled in terms of quality

  • Fast Build

    Fast Build

    Huge span of sleet structure construction with zero poluution
    Attractive appearance,outstanding,speedy construction period
    One stop Design and build industry leader

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Membrane Structure Reference Sharing

Examine thoroughly into the industry and start with the root cause, make sure the stability, safety and energy saving of the membrane structure by patented the technology, and also help the customers to solve the difficulties.
To enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve overall, we always regard customer's success as the highest honor

Craftsman spirit

Innovation drives the future of the market and creates excellent customer value!


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