PTFE membrane material is made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin on super fine glass fabric, also called G membrane material. This type of membrane material has good welding properties, excellent UV resistance, anti-aging and flame retardancy.

  The surface of the membrane is smooth and elastic, and the dust and chemical particles in the atmosphere are extremely difficult to adhere and penetrate. The original clean surface and light transmittance of the membrane can be restored after being washed by rainwater, which is enough to show the strong vitality and broad market prospect of PTFE membrane materials. The construction cost of PTFE membrane structure has been greatly reduced. This kind of membrane structure has been widely applied in the industry and has been accepted by many architects and owners. It is also the trend of the development of the industry. Now it is widely used in roof system, airport hall, exhibition center, platform, landscape Pavilion and so on.