It has excellent extendibility , compression and tensile properties, fire resistance, heat resistance, easy repair, self-cleaning, light transmittance, light weight, environmental protection: recyclable.

Extendibility: Excellent extendibility, can stretch 3 to 4 times, can be formed into any shape; compressive and tensile properties: very good compressive properties, can withstand heavy rain, hail, sandstorm and other severe weather attacks; Easy to repair: a single ETFE film is damaged by human can be replaced as a whole like glass; Self-cleaning: small friction coefficient, not easy to adhere to dust, easy to wash; Transmittance: the transmittance of ETFE can reach 95%. It can also reduce the transparency to 50% by surface printing. Thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of ETFE film is low, and the energy consumption index can be further reduced through the number of layers of the film.Light weight: ETFE membrane material is only 1% of the weight of the same size glass.