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Promotion Mechanism

Employee Career Development Path

  • 01
    project specialist
  • 02
    Project assistant
  • 03
    Department heads
  • 04
    Deputy manager
  • 05
  • 06
  • 07
    Vice President


texmond not only provides comfortable working environment and happy working atmosphere for employees,And also committed to the care of employees, so that every employee can feel warm.

  • 1

    Caring for the life and family of employees, the company will send sympathy.

  • 2

    We remember the birthdays of every employee. Every month, birthday party celebrates the birthday of birthday stars, and there are exquisite gifts.

  • 3

    Every year, companies or departments organize free intra-provincial and extra-provincial tourism

  • 4

    Purchase five insurance and one fund for each employee

  • 5

    Annual payment Year-end bonus

  • 6

    To provide competitive salary treatment for employees, the company's salary level is above the average among its peers.